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Gold Bangle
Gold Bangle Gold Bangle Gold Bangle

A golden bangle that serves as a fashion statement in gold arm accessories. The Floral Grandeur bangle by Devi Jewellers brings a unique and distinctive jewellery piece, especially crafted for women. This timeless bangle design, is the latest reflection in innovative modern day jewellery trends, influenced and inspired by nature.

The Devi Floral Grandeur gold bangle brings to life a powerful symbol found in nature; bejeweled in spectacular shimmering white Swarovski stones on a backdrop of 22 karat gold. Light, yet with a sense of strength and structure, relieved by the floral highlights artfully placed enhancing the look and feel of the feminine piece.

A work of art. The gold bangle has artfully blended matter of fact structure with whimsical artistry creating the perfect arm adornment for the modern, fashion conscious woman with a discerning eye for value, design and craftsmanship in gold jewelley.  


Yellow Gold | 22k | 18.6g




2.2+1.8 Oval