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Ornate Gold Bange
Ornate Gold Bange Ornate Gold Bange Ornate Gold Bange

Unique and Unusual. A fashion forward piece of exquisite and exotic jewellery crafted especially for her. A 2 piece set of 22 karat gold bangles by Devi Jewellers fit for a Queen, with tones of elegant sophistication, womanliness, and a touch of feminine fragility.

The Flower Crown, a fashion statement expressed in gold. The glittering gold, the radiant colour and varied forms are symbols of femininity. The 22 karat bangle in an interplay of gold and floral, feminine forms inlaid and encrusted with spectacular gemstones, Ceylon stones and Swarovski crystal.

The epitome of womanhood created in distinctive Devi style. A golden reminder of feminine strength and beauty, expressed and crafted in exquisite gold.


Yellow Gold | 22k | 37.54g