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Gold Bangle
Gold Bangle Gold Bangle Gold Bangle

A gold 22 karat bangle; infused with delicate and feminine design and craftsmanship created for women. The Golden Daisy Chain bangle, hand in hand with the latest trends in jewellery, gold accessories and wrist adornments presented by Devi Jewellers.

Floral artistry and geometrical symmetry, expertly married creating an eye-catching unique piece for that unique and distinctive woman. The golden bangle skillfully embodies strength and fragility, as reflected in the harmoniously crafted floral motif and symmetrical design that embraces and wraps effortlessly around the wrist.

A Devi Style that is feminine, fashionable and forward thinking, embellished in stunning Swarovski crystals on a backdrop of glittering 22 karat gold. A bangle Inspired by nature; a versatile and exquisite design that can be worn day or night for any occasion. 


Yellow Gold | 22k | 13.62g




2.2+2 Oval