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Mens Gold Bangle
Mens Gold Bangle Mens Gold Bangle Mens Gold Bangle

Gold Artistry in Swarovski and Golden contrasts. This 22 karat Golden Horn bangle is a fashion statement for men who are daring and forward thinkers and are at the cutting-edge of style. A Devi Jewellers gold bangle for the gentleman in step with the latest trends in jewellery. A contrast of golden textures and finishes that create curiosity, intrigue and a sense of powerful masculinity.

The Golden Horn bangle, crafted especially for the men is a reflection of a unique heritage design amalgamated with the latest contemporary jewellery trends. Blended beautifully in skillful gold workmanship to create a unique and one of a kind golden Devi Jewellers masterpiece.

Golden Glamour, Style and ethnic influence perfect for the modern day gentleman, who is fashion conscious and sets the trend. A  Devi creation that is both unique and distinctive. The perfect bold fashion forward bangle to adorn a gentleman’s wrist. 


Yellow Gold | 22k | 38.65g